Magento Backups

When you are running a successful Magento store, you will require constant backups. Most of the Hosting Companies provide you with Backup services. However, when the backup is required, reaching them could be difficult.

We are developing an online system specific to Magento backups, where in you will have ready access to last 5 backup instances once you login to your Account on our server. The system will be ready in few days, however, we can start backing up your Magento website starting today at $10 per month.

We will take daily backup of Magento Database and weekly backup of Magento Frontend. Once the system is ready, you will be asked to create an account on our server. User your account details, you can login to our server any time and readily access last five backups of the database and 2 backups of the Magento frontend. Locally we will maintain daily backup of last 60 days for Magento Database and weekly backup of last 2 months for Magento Frontend. We will provide you access to any of these files on request.

To know more about our backup service, please chat with us.