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  • We will Upgrade your Magento Site
  • No Downtime to Current Live Website
  • We do the Upgrade on Development Area
  • We Fix all Bugs & Issues with Upgrade
  • Upgrade Time – 2 Hours to 2 Days
  • Magento Upgrade Cost starts from $199
  • FREE Support after Magento Upgrade
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No Upfront payment required. That’s right! You pay only after the Magento Upgrade is completed and the Upgraded site is LIVE.

Magento Upgrade can be very tricky and complicated. Each Magento Website is different on it own. So, leave the Magento Upgrade work to Upgrade Experts. We will upgrade your current Magento website to the latest sable version, which is Magento Keeping your Magento website up to date will fix all previous bugs, avail all the new powerful features of Magento E-Commerce Web Application and make your Magento system more secure. To get a FREE Quote, please chat with us Now!


“Mage Development upgraded our Magento 1.4 site to Magento 1.7 in person of Harish. The service was very fast, friendly and pro active. I would recommand Mage Development to any other company or person who needs a Magento specialist. By the way, Harish replies email and chats (skype) very fast. Working with Harish was great! The payment afterwards by PayPal worked very well.”

Pim Donkerlo, Netherlands,

“We hired Harish to upgrade both our Magento sites and his ability and communication was simply the best. Always available and can ‘fix anything’. A 100% absolute 5 star guy with 5 star service. Highly recommend his services.”

John Burnside, UK,

“I wanted to take this opportunity to say that you are a gentleman and a rare one at that. Good people, let alone good help, are hard to find these days. Thanks to you I have accomplished what I only dreamt possible, a key to my future. You are a man of your word, and you certainly go above and beyond to ensure that even projects outside of your responsibility is resolved. I know that you will be the first person that I will be coming back to with future projects, and hopefully many referrals. I wish you and your family good health and prosperity.”

Anthony S. Hong,

With over 100 successful Magento upgrades, we can now surely say that each website is complicated and different on its own way for the upgrade process. Due to this vast experience, we have come to understand that the Magento Upgrade process mainly depends up on 3 important factors. The current Magento Database Size, Magento front-end theme and the number of extensions that are currently installed in the live site. Based on these factors, the time taken for Magento website upgrade can be between a few hours to 4 days.


1. Will there be any downtime to the current live website?
2. What are the Steps followed for Upgrading Magento Website?
3. My Magento website has errors. Will it affect the Upgrade?
4. What versions can be upgraded to Magento


Will there be any downtime to the current live website?

No. We create a staging area (generally a folder called ‘testsite’) on your hosting server. We duplicate the current live website’s Database to a new Database and use that new database for the upgrade process. Then, upgrade Magento on this testing area. This will ensure that your current Magento website will continue to function normally and there will not be any downtime.

What are the Steps followed for Upgrading Magento Website?

We divide Magento Upgrade into following steps:

  1. Create a Staging Area (generally folder called ‘testsite’)
  2. Duplicate the current Database to a new DB
  3. Upgrade the new Database
  4. Inherit Magento Front-end Theme on to the staging area
  5. Install paid and free extensions (if any)
  6. Test the system and fix all issues
  7. Once you are satisfied with the upgrade, just swap the live site with the testsite.

My Magento website has errors. Will it affect the Upgrade?

If your current Magento version has got errors, we will solve those errors, upgrade your Magento to version 1.9. We will again test the system and fix any issues that may occur and make this upgraded version live.

What versions can be upgraded to Magento ?

The versions which can be upgraded are :

– Magento 1.1.x
– Magento 1.2.x
– Magento 1.3.x
– Magento 1.4.x
– Magento 1.5.x
– Magento 1.6.x
– Magento 1.7.x
– Magento 1.8.x

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